Executive Team

Igor Feldman is a Co-Founder and has served as the Head of Computational Biology at Verseau since January 2017. Igor has held positions at Merck & Co., Rosetta Informatics, Jounce Therapeutics and Epizyme. He has been involved in discovery and clinical development using large omics datasets of human tumors, drug response biomarker discovery, novel target discovery in immuno-oncology and epigenetics and establishing computational infrastructure from the ground up for early discovery and development support in several biotech startup companies. He is an inventor on eight U.S. patents. Igor holds a B.S. in biology and a Ph.D. in systems biology from Columbia University.

Tatiana Novobrantseva is a Co-Founder and has served as Chief Scientific Officer of Verseau since March 2019 and prior to her current role, served as Head of Research and Development. Before co-founding Verseau, she consulted for multiple companies on immunological aspects of drug development across different stages and therapeutic modalities in a variety of autoimmune, cancer and rare disease indications. At her prior position as Director of Tumor Immunology at Jounce Therapeutics, Tatiana defined research plans for several programs at the company’s inception, as well as led a portfolio of programs on (re)activating the immune system against cancer. Previously, Tatiana served as Associate Director at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and Scientist II at Biogen. Tatiana’s scientific accomplishments include discovering the critical role for B cells in liver fibrosis, developing mechanistic insights for multiple therapeutic programs, pushing the envelope on siRNA delivery and championing a dendritic cell cancer vaccine clinical program. Tatiana is an inventor on more than 22 patents and an author on more than 37 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Tatiana completed her Ph.D. with Dr. Klaus Rajewsky at the University of Cologne in Germany, focusing on B cell development and function. She holds a diploma of engineer-physicist and an M.S. in molecular biology from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Tim Smith has served as chief business officer of Verseau since November 2019. Mr. Smith has nearly 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry. Prior to joining Verseau, Mr. Smith served as a consultant for several biotechnology companies. Prior, he held senior business development leadership roles at Dova Pharmaceuticals, IDEAYA Biosciences and Cleave Biosciences. Before joining Cleave, Mr. Smith was executive director, business development at Celgene Corporation. In this role, he led numerous M&A, in-licensing and strategic equity investment transactions, including the acquisition of Receptos and the strategic collaboration with Jounce Therapeutics. He spent the majority of his early career in equity research covering the biotechnology sector at RBC Capital Markets, Lazard Capital Markets and Citi Research. He began his career as a research technician at the Skirball Institute of Biomolecular Medicine. Mr. Smith holds a B.S. in biology from the University of Texas at Arlington, an MBA in finance from Fordham University and an M.A. in biotechnology from Columbia University.

Board of Directors

Dr. George Golumbeski is a highly experienced biotech executive with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. He is currently focused on mentoring and advising young biotechnology companies. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Carrick Therapeutics and also serves as a Director for KSQ Therapeutics, Shattuck Labs, Enanta Pharmaceuticals, MorphoSys, and Sage Therapeutics.

George was most recently Executive Vice President of Business Development for Celgene, where he was responsible for forging collaborations with biotechnology companies seeking to bring breakthrough medications to people suffering from cancer and chronic inflammation.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He conducted his post-doctoral research in molecular biology at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

Dr. Daniel Anderson is a Co-Founder of Verseau and has served as a board member since March 2017. He is a leading researcher in the field of nanotherapeutics and biomaterials. He is appointed in the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology at MIT. The research done in his laboratory is focused on developing new materials for medicine. He has pioneered the development of smart biomaterials, and his work has led to advances in a range of areas, including medical devices, cell therapy, drug delivery, gene therapy and material science. Dr. Anderson received a B.A. in mathematics and biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of California at Davis. Dr. Anderson’s work has resulted in the publication of over 400 papers, patents and patent applications. These advances have led to products that have been commercialized or are in clinical development, as well as to the foundation of companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and consumer product spaces including CRISPR Tx (Nasdaq:CRSP), Living Proof, Sigilon, Verseau Tx and Olivo Labs.

Jong Chang has served as a board member of Verseau since March 2017. He is the Founder and Chairman of InHarv Partners Ltd., a hybrid of VC and private equity based in Seoul, Korea whose strategic stance is to raise capital in South Korea for investment in cutting edge tech startups overseas, linking those startups to the Korean industries. He was previously Lead Partner of Booz Allen Hamilton, a global general management consultancy in the U.S., and a Senior Vice President and founding member of KBRI (now Moody’s Korea Inc.), the first credit rating agency in Seoul. As a previous corporate finance manager of the Korea Merchant Bank Corporation, a joint venture with Lazard Brothers U.K., Jong specialized in international mega-project financing and cross border M&As. He served as Junior Economist of the Korea Development Bank and as a member of The National Economic Counsel to Mr. President of South Korea. Jong also held positions as an independent board member of LG Chemical Co. of the LG Group based in Seoul and as an independent board member of Saint-Gabain Korea, a leading flat glass maker. Presently, Jong is the Chairman of the Board of ToolGen, Inc. a world leading DNA editing company based in Seoul Korea. Jong graduated cum laude with a B.A. from So-Gang University in South Korea and holds his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Wen Chen has served as a board member of Verseau since March 2017. He is the Senior Vice President of Tigermed Co. Ltd., a publicly traded company located in China. Tigermed is a leading contract research organization in China, Asia Pacific dedicated to providing professional clinical development services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Wen represents Yonghua Capital, a leading private equity and venture capital investment firm from China that has invested in Verseau Therapeutics. Wen received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN and a master’s degree in immunology and oncology and business administration from Washington University in St. Louis and Durham University, respectively. He then worked at Amgen research before returning to work in the China biotechnology industry since 2000.

Dr. Robert Langer is a Co-Founder of Verseau and has served as a board member since March 2017. He is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has written over 1,200 articles, which have been cited over 90,000 times; his h-index of 148 is the highest of any engineer in history. He has 815 issued and pending patents worldwide. His patents have been licensed or sublicensed to over 250 companies. He served as Chairman of the FDA’s Science Board (its highest advisory board) from 1999-2002. His over 220 awards include both the United States National Medal of Science and the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation, as well as the Charles Stark Draper Prize (considered the engineering Nobel Prize), Albany Medical Center Prize, the Wolf Prize for Chemistry, the Millennium Technology Prize, the Priestley Medal (highest award of the American Chemical Society), the Gairdner Prize and the Lemelson-MIT prize, for being “one of history’s most prolific inventors in medicine.” He holds 20 honorary doctorates, including honorary degrees from Harvard University and Yale University. Dr. Langer is one of the few individuals ever to have been elected to the Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Inventors.

Dr. Zhenping Zhu has been President of Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer at 3SBio Inc. since January 2017. Prior to joining 3SBio, Dr. Zhu served as Executive Vice President of Global Biopharmaceuticals and President of Kadmon China at Kadmon Corporation. Prior to joining Kadmon, Dr. Zhu served as Vice President and Global Head, Protein Sciences and Design, at Novartis, where he established and led research groups in Basel (Switzerland), Cambridge (U.S.), and Shanghai (China), and was responsible for the discovery, design and selection of novel biologic medicines globally. Prior to Novartis, Dr. Zhu worked for over 12 years at ImClone Systems as Vice President of Antibody Technology and Immunology and has successfully led research teams responsible for the discovery and early development of several FDA-approved novel antibody therapeutics for various oncology indications, including cetuximab (Erbitux®), ramucirumab (Cyramza®), necitumumab (Portrazza®), and olaratumab (Lartruvo®). Dr. Zhu is the inventor of both ramucirumab and necitumumab, and was a major contributor to cetuximab and olaratumab. From 1996 to 2006, Dr. Zhu held an adjunct professorship at the Institute of Hematology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College. Dr. Zhu has been working in the biopharmaceutical industry for over 26 years and has published over 190 peer-reviewed scientific articles. Dr. Zhu earned his Medical Degree from Jiangxi Medical College (Nanchang, China), passed USMLE and is certified by U.S. ECFMG. He received his M.Sc. in pharmacology from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College (Beijing, China), and his Ph.D. in immunology and pathology from Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada). Dr. Zhu performed his postdoctoral work in antibody/protein engineering at Genentech, Inc.

Scientific Advisory Board

Fran Balkwill, OBE, FMedSci
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Lisa Coussens, Ph.D.
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Siamon Gordon, Ph.D.
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Alberto Mantovani, M.D.
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Matthias Nahrendorf, M.D., Ph.D.
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George W. Sledge Jr., M.D.
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Filip Swirski, Ph.D.
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Antoine Awad
Senior Advisor, Verseau
Head of Technical Operations, Synlogic Therapeutics