Targeting macrophages is the key to expanding the potential of immunotherapy.

At Verseau, we are developing novel, first-in-class immunotherapies that modulate macrophages to provide greater clinical benefit over existing treatments.

Macrophages are the master orchestrators of the immune system. Verseau has identified and validated numerous macrophage-related targets that modulate the immune response by either activating anti-tumor immunity or silencing exaggerated activity. These proprietary macrophage checkpoint modulators have been shown to generate a coordinated and powerful immune response with therapeutic potential in both oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Current immunotherapies can only provide clinical benefit in the ~25% of cancers that involve T cell infiltration. By targeting macrophages, which are present in 75% of tumors, Verseau’s macrophage checkpoint modulators can expand the potential clinical benefits of immunotherapy to a large, underserved patient population.

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